Metal Injection Molding Process

Brief Introduction of Metal Injection Molding

With fine metal powder, by mixing with adhensive, the raw injection molding material was granulated by MIM, then injected and molded as healthembryo by precision molding. By partly skimmed and vacuum skimmed, it was sintered as crude embryo, and after the procedure of heat treatment, machinery processing, surface treatment etc., high density, high precision and complex shape of metal structural parts can be achieved, apart from heat treatment, polish, electronic plating only, most of them was avoided to effect machinery processing. MIM parts has the advantages of complex, tiny, even internal material, high machinery strength, thin and so on.

Products Application

  • Computer&Accessories

  • Machinery parts

  • Auto parts

  • Watch parts

  • Medical equipment parts

  • Gun parts

  • Sewing machine parts

  • Pneumatic tools parts

  • Affairs machine parts

MIM Parts Design Criteria

  • Dimesion limits: the maximum size<110mm,maximum weight <200g

  • consistent wall thickness

  • the design of sintered surface 

  • thinnest size <0.35mm

Materials of Metal Injection Molding

  • Fe-Ni Alloy:Fe-2%Ni, Fe-8%Ni

  • Stainless Steel Alloy: 316L, 304L,630(17-4PH), 400C,420, J2,4140.

  • Special Alloy: M2, SKD11, Kovar(F150), Cu, SKH57

  • Soft Magnetic alloy: Permalloy PB, Permalloy PC, 3Si-Fe

Commonly Used Materials Element and Machanical Character

Density(g/cm³)Tensile Strength(Mpa)Elongation rate(%)Vision hardnessHardness after HeatmentCharacter
Fe-2%Ni>7.528025HRB55HRC 50以上
Fe-8%Ni>7.545012HRB84HRC 50以上
Strong corrosion resistence
17-4PH>7.68506HRB100HRC 38
4140>7.511003-HRC 50
M2>7.91600--HRC 60

Specific Process of metal Injection Molding


Comparision between MIM and other Making Methods

Metal Injcetion MoldingTraditional Powder MetallurgyCastingMachining
cost of productionmiddlelowmiddlehigh
volume of productionhighhighmiddlelow
mechanical qualityhighmiddlemiddlehigh
surface roughness1μm Ramiddlemiddlefine
shape complexityhighhighlowmiddlehigh
material selectivemoremiddlemiddlemore
surface platingexcellentlowexcellentexcellent

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