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- Provide customers with the best metal products and high-quality metal forming solutions -

Do you have the following concerns when deal with manufacture?

-  Concern about OEM/ODM metal forming services –

Difficult to choose a good manufacture


There are many metalworking manufacture, Finding a strong manufacture is very important for you.

Dishonesty & insecurity


Dishonest vendors will cause you lots of trouble, like delay delivery, poor management and non-professional technical support. Such manufacture will be a disaster to your company.

Quality Issue


The quality of metal OEM on the market is failure, and the poor quality of products brings a lot of trouble?



Technical personnel are not professional, not comprehensive consideration, can’t give best solution.

Bad after-sales service


Pre-sale, in-sale, after-sale service is poor with many problems to deal with?

Why choose us

-  Excellent experience, strong supply chain, professional solution–

BRM Group has 13,000 square meters of plant and production R&D center, advanced equipment, strong technical force, more than 500 employees, annual sales of 25 million US dollars, the company's network and branches throughout the country's first and second-class cities. The company has passed ISO9000, 2000 version of the international quality management certification, EU ROHS certification, CE certification, 3C certification. The company's excellent quality, competitive price, and professional services have won the love of the vast number of customers


Cost saving


Delivery on time


Quality guarantee


Customer satisfaction

Brand advantage

High cost performance ratio

Advanced equipment 

Professional team

Enterprise advantage

Service advantages

Cases Study

- One stop service, all industry solutions –

Consumer Electronics
Machine parts
Medical Profession
Military & Aerospace
Hardware tools

About Us

-  Advanced technology and metal materials solutions –

BRM is specialized in metallic materials and serves for emerging industries of strategic importance. it provides its high-end global customers with the advanced metallic materials, products and solutions to their materials technology problems in businesses covering Metallurgy, Magnetic Materials, Amorphous, Nano-crystalline products, Refractory materials & products, filtration materials & environment protection engineering, high speed and diamond tools, BRM has made great contributions to the developments of national economy, national military and aerospace industries. More

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