Fabrication processes



BRM experience: In the new product development phase, there are three important aspects of custom processing:

  • 1. The structural design conforms to the rationality and economy of the actual processing.

  • 2. Process selection, formulation and optimization.

  • 3. Choose the most suitable material and surface treatment.

  • Once these three points are effectively confirmed, the mass production will be no problem, and finally the quality control.



【STEP 1:Consulation & discussion】


Before projects start, we need drawings with detailed requirements, drawing format can be:

3D Drawings:igs、step、prt、x_t、sldprt、mcam、mcx 、stl

2D Drawings:idwg、dxf、pdf、jpg etc.

Precise quoting requires following information :

Parameters:materials, surface treatment, hardness requirement or other mechanical properties, appearance, quantity, etc.

Contact informations:(company name, contact person , phone number and address),we need to fill in CRM and export price list

Confirm process

In order to provide the best service at the most reasonable price, we carefully review all the specific requirements on the drawings and evaluate the plan before projects start.

Structure: For different structures, we also have diversified options. For parts with complicated structure, we prefer MIM or 3D printing;

Materials: Different materials are usually used for different purposes. Due to the different physical properties such as hardness of different materials, we use different methods. For example, we can use MIM for stainless steel, but for aluminum alloy, we usually use casting.

Economical: For parts with general performance requirements, we will tend to choose high-quality and low-cost process solutions, such as powder pressing, economical raw materials, and simple molding. This process is suitable for gears or oil-impregnated bearings;

In addition, if there are special surface requirements for appearance or use, we have a variety of surface treatments to meet your needs. We don't feel difficult and cumbersome, we just want to give our customers the best help in new product development, and it is also an improvement of our self.

Quote for sample

We will fully communicate with customers before giving reasonable prices,so we need to confirm some information:

1. The number of parts involved in the project: the more parts, the longer we evaluate;

2. Is there an assembly requirement: the difference in assembly requirements will affect the arrangement of our processes and production lines;

3. Terms of quotation: payment method, mode of transport, place of departure, etc. are also factors to consider.

In addition, raw material prices, special needs and other factors will also be taken into account.

Preparation before molding

Raw material preparation: Based on the materials required by the customer's drawings, we will prepare the materials in advance and arrange the raw material inspection 100%. Such as: SUS304 and SUS316, the different physical properties of the model are different, we will use the spectral material analyzer to test the raw materials before processing, to ensure that the real raw materials are used for the customers, and the products with the requirements for physical properties have a greater guarantee of quality.

Mold design and processing: We have professional mold design engineers, according to the structure and size of the product, design a set of molds, and through the CNC, EDM and slow wire processing and other processes. Special fixtures are also designed when it comes to CNC.



Throughout the sample process, we strictly follow the company's internal standard operating procedures, first of all to minimize the occurrence of accidents within the internal; for the sample requirements, we not only strictly in accordance with the standards provided by the customer, but also according to the actual situation Dimensions to improve processes, improve product quality and reduce costs. All processes will form standard APQP files (control plan, FAMA, etc.)

Product aftertreatment

Heat treatment: Many automotive parts require structural strength and surface hardness of the parts. Therefore, heat treatment is required to enhance the surface hardness of the products and improve product performance.

Surface treatment: Surface treatments such as electroplating, PVD and polishing can improve the surface finish and corrosion resistance of the parts. We will surface treatment and simulate the harsh working environment of the parts to ensure that the parts remain functioning smoothly during the actual operation.

Product inspection: After the parts are formed, we will inspect the appearance, size and performance of the parts. After inspection, the QC inspectors will remove the products with poor appearance and size to prevent the defective products from flowing out to the customer.

Mass production

For each of our customers, we will customize the special customer files, arrange the mass production of mature products according to the standard documents and production habits of the customers, and the mass production process will strictly carry out all the steps in the process of sample confirmation. And timely feedback on the production schedule details, delivery on time can reach 99.8%; in the production process, the quality department will continue to conduct inspections, all shipments will be scheduled for full inspection before shipment.


Packing and shipping

We have a professional tooling master. We will choose a reasonable customized packaging solution according to the customer's needs and product characteristics, consider the possible collision during transportation, and need to control the packaging to avoid damage after receiving the product. The phenomenon occurs, giving customers the best quality service.


Receive customer quality feedback, we will respond quickly within 2 hours, and set up a special team at the first time to enable the 8D process. For the handling of after-sales problems, we can achieve 100% satisfaction.


The price of metal parts depends on the following:

Do you know what factors affect the cost of processing?

Processing time

The longer it takes to machine a part, the higher its cost, and the processing time is often the main cost reason for CNC machining.
For MIM, once sample approved, mass production will complete quickly,. For parts with large demand and continuous demand, MIM cant be more efficient.

Shapes and structures

For the machining of multi-curved products, it is necessary to use 4-axis 5-axis machining, so the number of surfaces is reduced as much as possible;Very dense bone position will increase the processing time cost, and the inner right angle will increase the discharge clearing angle cost.

Materials and surface treatment

Different materials have different advantages. For example, steel is the cheapest, magnesium alloy is the lightest, aluminum alloy has good performance, stainless steel has good performance but sticky knife, titanium alloy material is expensive and difficult to process; surface needs electroplating and oxidation treatment for raw material quality requirements High, and the surface effect of the blank is also very good, the powder can cover a slightly larger enamel.

Custom tool

Angled holes require special fixtures or indexing discs.


How to optimize the design to reduce the cost of this process

You can consult for more high value advice:

  • Change the inner right angle into the R angle
  • Reduce the number of bones
  • Increase wall thickness
  • Try to make standard aperture or standard thread
  • Right materials and surface treatments
  • Mark only the required and most important tolerances