MIM stand for Metal Injection Molding, it's a forming method of a metal parts and can provide a nearly unlimited shape, geometric-feature capability, high-production rates through the use of multi-cavity tooling. Different from traditional technology press sintered, CNC, MIM have an outstanding advantage on producing small size, complex shape metal components in large quantities.


Metal injection molding (MIM) process combine plastic injection technology with powder metallurgy. It offers greater design freedom and a manfufacturing capability  of manufacturing precision, complex shapes metal parts in large quantities.

MIM production process


When producing metal parts by metal injection molding, these production machine is necessary such as injection molding machine, debinding machine, vaccum sintering furnace. Besides, post treatment like surface finish, sizing, coating will need blasting machine, tapping machine, sizing machine, magnetic grinding machine etc.

MIM workshop


1. Complex three-dimensional structure: the complex metal spare parts can be produced by once-formation. Greater design freedom.

2. Low produce cost: better surface roughness and high precision (±0.3%~±0.5%), minimal sencondary operation.

3. Excellent mechanical properties: the mechanical property of MIM products is better than casting parts, as similar as froging parts.

4. Suitable for mass production, excellent consistency, economic benefits and high yield.

5. Short lead time for mass production.

MIM compare with traditional metal forming


With above outstanding advantage of MIM technology, MIM metal component are widely used in many fields including but not limited with:

● Military: Gun parts, Trigger, mines, Rotors, Plates, Armor, Hearts, Constellations, Cluster arrows, Small arrows

● Aerospace: Aircraft wing chain, Rocket nozzle, Missile tail, Ceramic turbine blade core

● Computer and IT industry: sim card slot, mobile phone structure parts, printer parts, magnetic core, collision pin, drive parts, optical communication ceramic plug, heat sink

● Tools: drill bits, knife heads, nozzles, helical cutters, steam tools, fishing gear parts, etc.

● Medical: Dental orthodontic brackets, Internal suture needles, Living tissue sampling forceps and Child radiation screen cover, tweezers

● Automotive: Airbag parts, car lock parts, seat belt parts, car door lift system, pinion gear, automotive air conditioning system small parts, brake system racks, fuel supply system in the small parts of the sensor

● Daily Necessities: Watchcase, Watchband, Buckle, Golf tee, Shoe buckle, Sports and sports firearms parts, Document binding punch, speargun parts

● Machinery: Special milling cutter, Cutting tool, Pinion gear

MIM typical products

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