MIM Project Development Steps

What is does MIM project stages in BRM-Shanghai United Metal Materials Co., Ltd? When clients expresse their plan or idea, what Metal Injection Molding Factory would do to convert plan/idea into MIM design, then into a real thing, and finally make it massive production?

As an advanced China metal parts factory, we have built continuous partnership with several worldwide enterprises. The key factor we success is that we strive to provide standard, professional services to customers as the best as we can. Contents below is the general steps to develop new MIM projects (metal injection molding projects), you would know how BRM starts the projects, and what our MIM factory would do to control the quality of the metal parts.

Step1:Customer’s requirement analysis

● Product structure analysis

● Process confirmation

● Quality standard confirmation

● Project plan confirmation

Step2:Mold development assessment

● Product defects analysis

● Production risk analysis

● Solution confirmation

Step3:Mold manufacturer

● Mold design

● Mold manufacture(CNC,EDM,ASSEMBLYING )

Step4:Mold test

● Mold structure check

● Mold surface check

● Trail shot

● First trail sample confirmation(surface,dimension,density,weight etc.)

Step5:Mass production

● Pre-mass production confirmation

● Production schedule confirmation

● Production organization

● Inspection and delivery

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