To be the most respected materials enterprise.

·Earn the respect of users by listening to them, satisfying and exceeding their needs and expectations.

·Earn the respect of employees by continuously improving our corporate reputation so that BRM is a company employees are proud to work for.

·Earn respect within the industry by promoting healthy development of the metal industry and win-win collaborations with partners.

·Earn the respect of society through responsible corporate citizenship and by contributing to community development.



To enhance the quality of life through metal materials OEM services.

·To treat the Internet like electricity: a fundamental service that is reliable and makes life easier and more enjoyable.

·Address the diverse needs of different regions and consumers by offering differentiated products and services.

·Build a healthy, win-win ecosystem based on open collaboration with partners.

Management Philosophy


Invest in the development of employees

·Provide employees with a healthy work environment and attractive incentives.

·Enable employees to enjoy professional and personal growth in a thriving environment.

·Coach and encourage employees to achieve success in work based on an attitude of trust and respect.



Business Philosophy

Users' needs are our first priority.